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Filing for Divorce in Wayne County, West Virginia (WV)

There are various ways to arrange a divorce, including:

• Divorce with a lawyer

Divorce lawyers typically advise their clients at all stages of the divorce process, helping to make child arrangements, divide marital property, set the terms for alimony, and more. They also can represent their clients before the court when the divorce goes to trial.

• Divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is a non-competitive and voluntary dispute settlement process. The spouses meet with an impartial mediator to negotiate the terms of their separation and reach an agreement both parties can accept.

• Collaborative divorce

In a collaborative divorce, both spouses are represented by an attorney trained in collaborative law. Unlike a traditional approach, all the case participants agree to address the issues in a non-adversarial manner and strive to avoid litigation.

• Unbundled legal services

Limited scope representation is legal representation that is confined to a specific legal service versus the entire case. A person can hire an attorney to handle only specific parts of the case without overpaying for issues they can address on their own.

• Do-it-Yourself divorce

A DIY divorce is ending the marriage without a lawyer. In legal terms, this procedure is called Pro Se divorce.

It is possible to file your own divorce and complete the process without legal aid in the US, though such an approach is not typically recommended in complex, contested cases.
Simplified and uncontested cases are easier to handle on your own, but they should also be faced with responsibility. Even the most straightforward divorce can take a lot of time and require knowledge of Family law and court rules.

That’s where can assist. This paperwork preparation service helps its users to get the necessary dissolution forms completed and prepare for an uncontested divorce in Wayne County as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We provide you with:
  • All Required West Virginia State Forms.
  • West Virginia-Specific Court Filing Instructions.
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active.

Online Divorce in Wayne County, West Virginia (WV)

Online divorce is an affordable and stress-free way to prepare for an uncontested divorce in Wayne County, West Virginia, without a lawyer.
Using the West Virginia Online Divorce assistance service, you can save time and money and avoid the hassle of filling out divorce papers.

Just complete the questionnaire on the website, and we will provide you with divorce forms complying with your case's peculiarities and fill them out for you in just a couple of days. considers the West Virginia Code and Rules of Civil Procedure to ensure that the judge will approve your paperwork with no problem.

The basic steps a user should take to enjoy West Virginia Online Divorce benefits:
  1. Check if your divorce case can be processed online by answering a couple of questions on the homepage.
  2. Provide the case details that will help us to fill out the required divorce documents.
  3. When your forms are ready two business days later, we will notify you by email. Log in to your account and download your printable divorce forms in PDF.
  4. Contact your local courthouse, and follow our step-by-step instructions to know how to file for divorce in Wayne County.
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Maria P.
West Virginia Online Divorce was great! I saved time and money by choosing this website to organize my divorce paperwork, and there were no problems with any of the forms at the court clerk's office. Thanks!
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Kylie G. offers the perfect option for anyone who wants to get divorce forms completed as soon as possible, avoiding red tape. This affordable, easy-to-use and reliable DIY divorce service really helped make our divorce smooth and straightforward.
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Mia J.
Thank you sooo much!! I got my divorce forms in only two days, and everything was completed accurately. I filed them with my local court with no hassle, and nothing needed to be changed or added. Highly recommend to everyone!
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Mark F.
It was a straightforward, efficient, and very informative process. I'm pleased with the service and with how quickly they prepared all the required divorce forms. West Virginia Online Divorce made my divorce more manageable and less expensive.
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Dan C.
Very good value for money. I'm happy I found and did not have to deal with overwhelming divorce paperwork. The process was easy to follow, and the provided instructions were thorough and helpful. Thank you so much!
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Ellie S.
I would highly recommend West Virginia Online Divorce to anyone who needs help with their uncontested divorce in WV. They filled out all the required divorce forms for me in a couple of days. Fast and without mistakes! There were no issues with the court clerk's office, and now we're already waiting for a hearing date
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Laura G.
I definitely recommend I took care of my divorce forms very quickly using this website. In general, it made the entire process smooth and effortless. Thank you!
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Gabriel H.
West Virginia Online Divorce is amazing - user-friendly, straightforward, very prompt, and reasonably priced. It’s all you need if your spouse isn’t contesting the case and paperwork is the main issue plaguing you.
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Anthony D.
I used several months ago, and I am very satisfied with the results. My divorce forms were done right, and I had no problem at the circuit court. Now, I’m happily single!
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